Il Principe Harry di fronte a richieste di essere processato per vantarsi di 25 omicidi

Prince Harry Facing Calls to be Put on Trial After Boasting of Killing 25 People in Afghanistan

Protestors in Helmand, Afghanistan, have called for the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, to be put on trial after he boasted about killing 25 people during his tours of duty in the country. Mullah Abdullah, who lost four family members in what he described as a UK airstrike in 2011, said: “We ask the international community to put (the Duke of Sussex) on trial, and we should get compensation for our losses.”

Harry has also been mocked by Taliban militants as a “mad big mouth loser” and “dirty idiot” over his death toll claim. Speaking from a checkpoint outside Islam Qala, Taliban commander Molavi Agha Gol said: “We are still here ruling but he has fled to his grandmother’s palace. He’s a big mouth loser who has been trying to get attention.”

Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp has warned Harry may have put a target on his back with his remarks, saying: “It undermines his personal security. He has shot himself in the foot.”

Emily Ratajkowski Spotted on Date with Comic Eric Andre

Model Emily Ratajkowski was spotted on a date with comic Eric Andre in New York City recently. This comes shortly after Emily was seen kissing artist Jack Greer and after she was linked to Pete Davidson and DJ Orazio Rispo. Sources say that Emily and Pete have moved on, as he has been seen out with actress Chase Sui Wonders recently.

Emily had previously been linked to actor Brad Pitt, however he is now reportedly dating jewellery executive Ines de Ramon. Speaking about her experience with dating since her divorce last year, Emily said that it was now “really fun to go to dinner with someone and be like, ‘Cool. I really enjoyed these parts of them. I really didn’t like these other parts’.”

In November, Emily took to TikTok to mouth the words to audio: “I would be with multiple men, also some women as well. um, everyone’s hot but in an interesting way.






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